1. What’s the difference between ice cream and gelato?

While Gelato is simply the Italian word for ice cream, there are two main differences between American Ice Cream and Italian Gelato. First and foremost, on average, Gelato has 10-30% less fat than ice cream as our recipes call for milk rather than cream, and we rarely use eggs. Second, ice cream is churned fast and hard to whip in as much air as possible while traditional gelato is churned much slower, reducing the amount of air. The end result is that Gelato has a denser (some would say, more flavorful) mouthfeel. And surprisingly, that delicious taste comes with much less fat. Buono!

2. What is La Ghiacciola and how does it work?

When Vincenzo Sottile founded Stickhouse Gelato he had two desires: re-establish the best traditions of Italian gelato making by using only natural ingredients without additives or artificial flavors, and to continue to strive to innovate. La Ghiacciola (the Icicle) is that innovation; a production machine, designed and patented by Mr. Sottile in 2006, that allows Stickhouse to make pure gelato on a stick without adding any air at all, producing the thickest, most flavorful gelato experience possible.

3. Are any of your products gluten and dairy-free? Can Vegans eat them?

All of Stickhouse’s Sorbetto and Creamy Gelato Bars are certified to be Gluten Free. Additionally, all of our Sorbetto Bars are dairy and lactose free and can be enjoyed by Vegans.

4. Where do you find the ingredients for your Sorbetto and Gelato flavors?

All of our Fruits and dairy products are sourced from local farms in Southern California, while our nuts, vanilla and chocolates come with love from Italy.

5. How do you determine which Flavors to serve?

Our Chefs are constantly experimenting with new flavors and toppings based on seasonality and the availability of local fruits. We’ve also had a number of recipes come from our Gelateristas and Customers, so if you have a favorite flavor or an innovative idea, please share it with us.

6. How many gelato recipes are there and which is the most popular?

While we’ve never kept a written record, we estimate that there have been most certainly over 500 delicious flavors and combinations created since Vincenzo Sottile opened the first Stickhouse Gelato in 2006. While Mr. Sottile’s favorite recipe is a Mango Sorbetto Cupido with a chocolate Gelato filling, the most popular flavors worldwide have been Pistachio, Hazelnut and Chocolate.

7. Do coffee and gelato go together?

Italians are passionate about both Espresso and Gelato, prepared to spend years honing their craft in order to produce a perfect blend or recipe each and every time. At Stickhouse, we’ve taken this passion to the next level by creating the Cioco Stick, special chocolate sticks designed for the sole purpose of dipping in espresso (or hot milk) to create a unique hot beverage unlike any you’ve tried before.

8. Is Gelato safe for pregnant women?

All of our products use natural ingredients and are safe for pregnant women. In fact, Gelato contains high levels of calcium, natural protein and vitamin B, which are important ingredients in maintaining good health, especially important for children and pregnant women.

9. Do you cater events?

Catering service is available for all sorts of personal and corporate events from birthdays, weddings and graduations to charity fundraisers, office parties and media launches. You can learn more by going to our Catering page or emailing us at: catering@stickhousegelato.com

10. Do you have a Loyalty or Rewards Program?

Yes. We reward our loyal customers in a variety of ways. After every fifth purchase, you are eligible to receive a free Stick with your choice of dipping and toppings. Additionally, registered customers earn points for participating in our various social promotions.

11. What’s the deal with Stickhouse and Art?

It’s simple. We know how hard it is to master something; the sheer amount of thought, dedication, and creativity that is demanded of those that choose to elevate their work into artistry. For those who are willing to commit to this most worthy of ideals, we believe they should be rewarded with what they need most, an appreciative audience. We are dedicated to supporting artistry wherever it is on display. And that’s where you will find us. Be sure to check our calendar of events or follow the Gelato Truck on Twitter to see where we will be.

12. Where can I buy a Blue Bus Pass?

Yes, it’s true. Our shop in Santa Monica was formerly the ticket office for Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus. Tickets can now be purchased two blocks from our storefront at 1444 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401 or online here: https://bigbluebus.com/Transit-Store/Transit-Store.aspx And don’t tell anyone, but if you’re visiting us and carrying your 30-day pass, just flash it to one of our Gelateristas when ordering and you’ll get $1.00 off your purchase.