From Italy With Love

Ciao, America.
Welcome to Stickhouse.

Italians first invented ice cream (or Gelato as we call it) in 1565, and we’ve never stopped trying to make it better. Today, our delicious gelato creations are made fresh each day by our friendly and knowledgeable Gelateristas. These handcrafted works of art use only the finest natural ingredients; organic milk and cream, locally sourced fresh fruit and never any preservatives, colorings or processed sugars. You can taste our love and craftsmanship in every bite.

So come visit us at our store in Santa Monica or follow our Gelato Truck as it brings our sweet treats to the streets of LA. But most of all:

  • Rallenta!
  • Goditi il momento!
  • Vivi la tua vita!

La Dolce Vita

Find your
Golden Hour

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We love the Golden Hour, the last hour of light before sunset when the sun is lower in the sky, the light is softer and redder; the shadows longer. For us, it’s a time to reflect on the day that’s passed and dream about the night to come. We invite you to appreciate this magical time of day with a discount of $1.00 off the price of any Stick or Treat purchased during Golden Hour.

To calculate today’s Golden Hour (the hour before Sunset) we use

Enter #stickhouseGold